ScreenLifter MOBILE LED 165

Handling large LED walls has never been this easy! Gone are the days of tedious and wear-increasing on-site assembly and disassembly. Once assembled, the OPTOMA QUADZILLA FHDQ165 LED wall can stay attached to the MOBILE LED 165 in storage, for transportation and during the show. On-site deployment is accomplished in less than 3 minutes by two persons (only one needs to be trained).

Equipped with our newest generation of lifting columns, the ScreenLifter can handle a load of up to 600 kg and is optimized for the installation of the OPTOMA QUADZILLA FHDQ165 LED display.

The ScreenLifter MOBILE LED 165 can be equipped with a tilt and shift feature that allows it – with LED wall attached – to pass through doorways 2 meters in height. It also comes with several fine adjustment mechanisms to help with aligning multiple units for panoramic installations. An optional swivel feature allows changing the LED wall’s orientation from landscape to portrait.

Optional accessories include bolt-on extensions for the base plate to enlarge the ScreenLifter’s footprint, and a special set of brackets that turn the ScreenLifter into an efficient lifting aid for flying the LED wall.

The ScreenLifter MOBILE LED 165 has integrated shock absorbers that keep the LED wall safe during transportation and handling. It ships in a compact flight case or with an optional wheeled dolly if only “inhouse mobility” is needed.

Features & Functions:

  • Electrical transport and handling system
  • Stepless height adjustment up to 270 cm (horizontal alignment – centre of image)
  • Tool-free assembly in only 3 minutes
  • Flightcase with electrical unload function
  • Pack dimensions: 376 (L) x 230 (H) x 100 cm (W)
  • Transport: Truck 7,5t
  • Doorway: 199 cm (H) x 116 cm (W)

Technical Data

  • Screen size: 163“/ 414 cm
  • Resolution: 1.920 x1.080 Full HD
  • Pixel pitch: 1.9 mm
  • Screen dimensions: 360 cm (W) x 202,5 cm (H) x 79 (D)
  • Brightness: 600 Nits
  • Contrast: 5.000:1
  • Viewing angle: H 170° (H) / V 170° (V)
  • Inputs: 1 x RS232, 2 x HDMI, 1 x 3G-SDI, 2 x USB-A, 1 x HDBaseT, 1 x RJ45