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Projector Climate Protection Housing MediaGuard MG 1400

MediaGuard MG 1400 • Projector climate protection housing for LCD-, DLP-, LED and Laser-Projectors with integrated dual-circuit cooling circulation system for maintenance-free continuous operation

With the new MediaScreen MediaGuard MG 1400 Projector climate protection housing we brought today’s standards of energy-saving and reliable long-term projector usage on a new level.

The low energy consumption was achieved by the precise, self-regulating power adjustment in all units. It reacts extremly fast on temperature fluctuations and adjusts the needed cooling- and heating output in seconds. With this, even extreme temperature ranges from -20 °C to +48 °C (with Winter-Option/High Power Option) will be covered effortlessly in convenient long term usage.

In addition, the in- and outdoor projection system convinces through its extremely low operating noise and a maintenance-friendly system design. In the MediaGuard MG 1400, we do not use energy-intensive hot-gas bypass regulators and utilize instead climate-friendly refrigerants. The MediaGuard MG 1400 projection climate protection housing is qualified for the continuous operation in adverse conditions such as subways, baths, dusty factory buildings, clammy caves, shopping malls as well as for in- and outdoor use of all kinds.

Features & Functions:

  • Robust, vandal-proof, aluminum housing in desired powder coating color
  • Noise reduction with sonic dampeners
  • Self regulating performance adaption
  • Electronic thermostat – PID regulation with Setpoint temperature
  • Automatic condensate evaporation
  • Integrated malfunction detector
  • Anti-reflective front glass with fan
  • Modular construction / stackable for tandem
  • Lockable swing lever locks
  • Large doors for easy maintenance
  • Integrated mounting flange plate for ceiling installation
  • Optional: isolation;  winter-option

Technical Data:

  • Cooling capacity: ca. 0,6 up to 1,3 KW
  • Air flow rate: max. ca. 700 m³/h
  • Air change rate: < 2 Seconds
  • Ambient temperature: 2 °C (-20°) up to +38 °C (48°)
  • Ambient humidity: < 80 % rel. humidity
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz/1Ph
  • Power consumption: ca. 10 up to 1200 W
  • IP Class: IP54
  • Protection class: SK1
  • Dimension (mm): 1290 (L) 980 (W) 450 (H)
  • Weight: 110 Kg
  • Projector alignment: 3-axis rotatory (Optional for USD ceiling mounting)
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