Large-screen mobile systems for indoor applications

High-quality LED walls and split walls built from conventional LCD displays represent a considerable investment. Using classic assembly and mounting methods means that these display walls are fixed to a specific location and therefore cannot be used flexibly. MediaScreen mobile systems make large screens moveable. Equip your conference rooms according to your needs and occupancy, stay flexible in the design of your showroom or your entrance area, or use one system in several studios!

Customized solutions

MediaScreen GmbH develops and manufactures individually adapted solutions for the indoor mobility of your big screen, with exactly the functions that are required for the respective application. The range extends from simple, manually movable units without a lift function to electrically operated, fully automatic systems on Mecanum bases with lift, shift, rotation and tilt functions, for all image sizes up to 270 inches (and beyond).

The consideration of your CI and your design wishes is a matter of course for us!

Do not design your application on the basis of existing options, let us realize your application according to your wishes instead! With or without a display: talk to us!

Mobile systems for a 2×4 split wall.
Enables flexible use in store windows or in the store directly. Plug-and-play system, manually moveable.

Mobile LED system
Automotive on Mecanum chassis. Lift, tilt and shift function, picture size 272″, integrated sound, additional hydraulic lifting and leveling system, underfloor lighting

LED Mobile System for LED 136″
Customized design according to customer requirements. In size, design and surfaces exactly matched to the desired space. Manually moveable.

Mobile LED System self-driving on Mecanum chassis. Lift-, Tilt- and Shift function, image size 220″

Features & Functions:

  • individually tailored solutions
  • from manual to electrically operated and fully automatic systems
  • Lift, shift, rotate and tilt functions
  • for image sizes over 270″

Fahrwagen Produkte:

Mobile LED System
LED Mobile System for LED 136″
Mobile System for a 2×4 split-wall
Custom designs according to customer requirements

Mobile system in action:

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