Liquid-cooled projectors climate housing MG 2600W

MediaGuard MG 2600W – Liquid-cooled projectors climate- and noise protection housing with integrated water-cooled dual-circuit air-conditioning system and optional lift system for projectors in continuous operation

The MediaScreen MediaGuard MG 2600W projectors climate and noise control housing impresses with its enormous heat dissipation performance, minimal operating noise and minimal energy consumption due to the precise, self-regulating power adjustment in all units. This reacts extremely quickly to temperature fluctuations and adapts to the required cooling capacity in real time.

In addition, the MediaGuard MG 2600W climate protection housing convinces with low operating noise and the maintenance-friendly system design.  Furthermore, the MediaGuard MG 2600W does not require the use of energy-intensive hot gas bypass controllers and uses climate-friendly refrigerants instead.

The indoor projector protection system has an optional electric, 2-axis (up/down, forward/backward) telescopic lifting unit for installation in false ceilings.

This allows the projection unit to be moved continuously with a 60 cm stroke. Thus the MediaScreen MediaGuard MG 2600W climate and sound protection housing can be installed in false ceilings, parapets, floors etc. without any problems.

Features & Functions:

  • Robust aluminium housing in powder coating of your choice
  • Noise reduction through air silencer
  • Self-regulating power adjustment
  • Electronic thermostat – PID control with set temperature
  • Automatic condensate evaporation
  • Integrated fault signal contact
  • Anti-reflective windshield with blower
  • Large doors for easy loading
  • Lockable swivel lever closures
  • Optionally with electric 2-axis lift system for installation in false ceilings, parapets, floors etc.

Technical Data:

  • Kühlleistung brutto: ca. 1.0 bis 2.5 KW
  • Luftleistung: max. ca. 1300 m³/h
  • Luftaustauschrate: < 2 Sekunden
  • Umgebungstemperatur: +2°C bis +40 C
  • Umgebungsfeuchte: < 80% rel. Feuchte
  • Spannung: 230V/50Hz/1Ph
  • Leistungsaufnahme: ca. 20 bis 200 W
  • IP Klasse: IP54
  • Schutzklasse: SK1
  • Abmessungen (mm): L: 150 B: 100 H: 60
  • Gewicht: 130 Kg
  • Projektoren-Justage:3-achsig rotatorisch, 2-achsig translatorisch
  • Liftsystem: 60 cm vertikaler Hub