MediaSphere Multitouch – Spherical Projection Presentation System with Multi Touch Control

MediaSphere Multitouch. This stunning spherical projection system is ideally suited for the presentation of “global” content such as branch locations of globally operating businesses, shipping routes, geographic-, meteorological- and political data, or just about any spherical content (think animated footballs, eyes etc).

The integrated, high-intensity projector provides a high-contrast display even in bright surroundings and the high-precision multi-touch control allows the joint exploration of the content simultaneously by multiple users. Different single- or multi touch solutions allows interactive control.

Features & Functions:

  • Highly intuitive operation and navigation
  • Ergonomic system architecture
  • Precise  touch sensor
  • Brilliant and high-contrast screen
  • Universal interface for standard PC
  • Horizontal and vertical mountable

Technical Data:

  • Spehrical segment diameter: 102 cm
  • Weight: approx 140 Kg
  • Projector: Laser-DPL, Laser-DPL, 4K-resolution, 10.000 AL
  • Material: Acryl with special coating
  • Content-Format: Video & Data
  • Optional: Pedstal in different colours and design on request