Projection Climate Protection Housing

MediaScreen is developer and manufacturer of field-tested air-conditioned projection protection housings for Laser, LCD and DPL projectors used in continuous operation. We manufacture climate protectioon housings for all projector types that are fully climatized, dust protected and noise protected and thus will guarantee a maximum life cycle of the projectors installed.

With smaller dimensions, higher brightness and affordable prices, projectors become more and more attractive for advertisement-installations in public places. Unfortunately, the most interesting places for this purpose, like airports, train-stations or shopping malls, have very unfavorable conditions for operating projectors.

As dust, fibrous particles and nicotine are polluting panels, mirrors and lenses, contrast and brightness of the projectors decrease dramatically. The experience shows, that projectorcabinets with filter-systems do not solve these problems. Wide-meshed filters can prolong the maintenance intervals of the projectors, but even so the projectors have to be taken into parts to be cleaned every three to six month. Fine filters get plugged, the projector heats up and damages of temperature-sensitive components follow.

To avoid high costs for service and spare parts, MediaScreen has developed a hermetically sealed projector cabinet with an attached airconditioner. As the air-conditioner has two completely separate air circuits, the clean cabinet air does not get mixed with the dusty ambient air. The projectors keep clean and the optimal operation temperature is guaranteed. Service is limited to the exchange of the projectors light-bulbs and a half-year cleaning of the air-conditioners cooling ribs with airpressure.