ScreenLifter Mobile LED 130 for OPTOMA 130″ FHDS130 QUAD LED-Display

Designed as an all-in-one solution for quick and easy installation the 130″ Full HD 1080p LED display features a unique, two-piece design that dramatically reduces the assembly time typically required for LED walls.

Although the OPTOMA 130 “FHDS130 QUAD LED display has been designed for quick and easy installation, the FHDS130 QUAD LED display also benefits greatly from its combination with the MediaScreen MOBILE LED ScreenLifter.

Thus, the OPTOMA QUAD LED display, which was originally developed primarily for fixed installation, becomes a flexible and mobile presentation system thanks to the MOBILE LED ScreenLifter, equally for in-house use in conference rooms and foyers as well as for external use at trade fairs and events.

A special highlight of the OPTOMA MOBILE LED combination is the unique 90° rotation function in the LED sector. Thus, the 130″ LED wall can be rotated within seconds into the vertical portrait position and used for vertically aligned content. Thanks to the 4-in-1 SMD-QUAD-LED layout the FHDQ130 display has a horizontal and vertical 140-degree viewing angle. So the image quality is convincing in landscape as well as in portrait mode.

The OPTOMA FHDS130 has numerous connectivity and control options such as dual HDMI, USB, RS232 and HDBaseT. In addition, users can use Optoma’s Connect Q application to control the display via their smart-phone or tablet.

The ScreenLifter Mobile LED 130 is delivered in a compact, vibration-cushioned flight case, which allows the passage through standard door openings of 85 cm width and 200 cm height. Because of the special design of the flight-case the MOBILE LED can be un- and uploaded from a truck with a standard tail-lift. Further assistance is not required. Unloading from the flight case is done comfortably and electrically at the touch of a button.

Once positioned, four pedestal extensions increase the support surface and thus provide for the necessary static stability to lift the LED wall to a height of 3.2 m (top edge).

Assembly and disassembly as well as positioning take place within a few minutes without tools and heavy equipment. This saves valuable setup costs, assembly time, personnel costs and effectively protects the video wall from damage.

Features & Functions:

  • Mobile LED 130 • 1.5 FULL HD System
  • Brilliant Full-HD LED video wall
  • Remote control capability via Mobile App
  • Electric transport- and positioning system
  • Stepless height-adjustable up to 3,16 m
  • Tool free set up/ ready to run within 3 min!
  • Flight-Case with electric unload function
  • Transport size: 303 (L) x 198 (H) x 82 cm (B)
  • Transport: Truck with tail lift
  • Doorway: 197 cm x 82 cm (H x B)
  • System weight: 312 Kg

Technical Data

  • Screen size: 130“ / 330 cm
  • Screen dimensions: 288 cm (W) x 162 cm (H)
  • Resolution: 1.920 x1.080 Full-HD
  • Pixel Pitch: 1.5 mm
  • Brightness: 600 cd/m²
  • Viewing angle: H 140° / V 140°
  • Framerate: 50/60Hz
  • Inputs: Dual HDMI, HDBaseT DP, USB…
  • Input voltage: 230V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: < 0,5W Standby-Mode