ScreenLifter MOBILE LED 180


Using the MOBILE LED 180 the handling and setup of the biggest available mobile HD indoor LED becomes a mere child´s play.

Touching a button, the MOBILE LED 180 unloads itself out of the flight-case and raises continuously variable up to 4 meter height. The MOBILE LED 180 system is protected by three integrated shock absorbing systems and allows the tool-free setup by one hand instead of a crane or fork truck.

This saves precious assembly time, expensive heavy duty equipment and personnel costs in one step.

The huge 180” 2K/ Full HD High Brightness Display impresses with its vivid colors and sharp images. The super fine physical pixel pitch and the wide compatibility with almost every signal input device ensure the presentation of each data and video contents in brilliant high resolution. The super wide viewing angle maximize the audience coverage (horizontal 160°/vertical 160°)

Features & Functions:

  • World´s biggest mobile indoor design LED display
  • 180″ 2K/ Full HD, high brightness display
  • Tool free set up/ ready to run within 10 min!
  • Electrical height adjustable
  • Electrical inclination adjustable -10° to 32°
  • Electrical self unloading out of the case
  • “Door Passing Through” function < 200 cm
  • Emergency display descent function
  • Microprocessor operated control system
  • Average power consumption 3KW only
  • Special transport case available

Technical Data

  • Brightness (after calibration): > 1.200 Nits
  • Brightness (after calibration): > 1.200 Nits
  • Contrast: 3.000:1
  • Viewing angle: H 160° / V 160°
  • Signal processing: 16 Bit
  • Gray scale level: 10 Bit
  • Color: 280 trillion
  • Color temperature (adjustable): 3.200K – 9.300K
  • Color uniformity: ±0.003Cx,Cy
  • Brightness uniformity: ≥97%