DS Shop Systeme

Digital Signage Shop Systems by MediaScreen GmbH

A picture says more than 1,000 words. A good video goes even further and tells an emotionalizing story in a few seconds. And our emotions affect our decision making.
It has long been empirically proven that moving content at the POS can positively influence image, brand loyalty, purchasing decisions and thus sales and earnings.

Marketing communication using image and video content costs the audience less time and effort than reading product texts. This is one of the reasons why more and more store operators are using digital signage installations in stationary retail.

Whether for individual stores, entire chain stores or complete shopping centers, with shop video installations you can achieve several goals simultaneously

  • Instore videos positively influence the atmosphere and mood of the customer.
  • Instore videos extend the time spent in the shop.
  • Instore videos are perfect to point at promotions and special offers.
  • Instore videos shorten the waiting time e.g. in the cash register area.

Proven screen locations include the entrance area, checkout area, shop windows, shelves for presenting goods – especially for products requiring explanation – but also elevators, restaurants and waiting areas.

The digital signage screens can be mounted on walls, pillars, on shelves or by special holders on the ceiling.
On the screens which have been optimized for 24/7 continuous operation, both static content such as images, logos, slogans and texts, as well as dynamic content such as videos and animations can be presented.

The content is usually imported and managed using centrally controllable content management systems based on CF MediaPlayers, which can be used to supply branches, chain stores and entire shopping centers with up-to-date information in real time.
MediaScreen has years of experience in the shop integration of monitors, split walls, projections and LED video walls. Thanks to our modularly configurable frames and holding systems we integrate media installations effectively, efficiently and stylishly into the respective shop ambience.

In order to exclude any possible influence on your business operations, the assembly can also take place overnight.
We are looking forward to your project request!