Mustang Museum

2007, Künzelsau, Permanent installation

Media Screen realized a comprehensive multimedia concept for the Company-Museum of the traditional lifestyle brand Mustang Jeans. The multimedia installation comprised nine rooms, each with individual media technology. The application comprised many innovative technologies such as LCD displays with integrated CF media players to play publicity and information movies in continuous operation. Another installation revived three-dimensional horses and dolls to life with the help of projections and Surround Sound. Due to the unique, interactive motion sensors the visitors activate the each epoch appropriate sounds. About this the visitors can navigate through all decades of the manufactures history via Touch-Screen Displays. The specially-built Mustang cinema was equipped with a high-performance projector and 5.1 Surround Soundsystem. The entire multimedia installation is WLAN-Touchpanel controlled. Thus, every single system in the complete multimedia installation can be adjusted to the respective setting.