Echo 2004

2004, Berlin, TV-Production

For the Echo 2004 the given image area of 20m x 9m had to be fully used. The projection had been parted in two in order to be able to realise this unusual format with a sufficient illumination. MediaScreen realised this requirement by means of three 3-Chip SXGA DLP Projectors of the type Digital Projection 15 SX. The complete image had been put together of the two triple projections using the Softedge generators developed by MediaScreen. The total light power accumulated thus to 70.000 ANSI Lumen. Beside the stage a 6m x 4.5m tandem projection had additionally been realised. It was equipped with two Digital Projection 15 SX with telephoto lenses. The different cuts, also containing live sequences, came directly from the transmission van using SDI.