Visitor Center RAG Leitwarte (2019)

2019, Herne, Permanent installation

On behalf of Bartkowiak GmbH, MediaScreen GmbH realized the interactive multimedia media technology concept for the visitor center of the RAG control room in Herne. The content presented there informs about the past and future of coal mines after the final cessation of German hard coal mining in 2018.

The media installation consists of a 12 x 55″, 726 cm wide 0.9mm Narrow Bezel LG display video wall with laser tracking interface, touch function and stereo speakers.
Another 8 x 55″ display video wall is also operated via laser tracking and equipped with stereo speakers.

Furthermore, three information counters each with 27″ touch display were installed. Three vertical 88″ LG info steles with 9:32 aspect ratio and 1080 x 3840 pixels complement the fiber-networked multimedia presentation system. The interactive content was programmed by MediaScreen with VENTUZ 3D real-time authoring software.