Nebra, State Museum for Prehistory in Halle, Germany (2020)

2021, Halle, Germany, Permanent installation

As a central piece of the temporary exhibition “The World of the Nebra Sky Disc – New Horizons” at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle (Saale), Germany, MediaScreen designed, built and installed an 8 meter display dome suspended 14 m above the exhibition floor.

The dome consists of 60 displays between 32 and 55 inches mounted to a lightweight steel skeleton. Each display has been individually calibrated and color matched for a uniform appearance across the dome, despite the different viewing angles.

Running on a powerful media server, Userful’s Visual Networking Platform converts the original 8K content to 60 Full HD feeds, individually scaled and warped to achieve an undistorted image from the viewer’s perspective.

All computing and networking hardware is contained in a custom, climate-controlled and sound-absorbing housing sitting at the display dome’s apex.