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Dear customers, partners and friends, Visit us at our booth in hall 15 booth R295 and let us show you our brand new technologies
and applications for your next trade show, event, showroom or digital signage installation.

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Yours MediaScreen Team

MediaScreen MOBILE LED 135 wins AV Award 2019! We are pleased that we have won the AV Award 2019 in the category "AV Accesory of the Year" with the ScreenLifter MOBILE LED 135. Many thanks to the AV Award Expert Jury! AV Magazine

Following the market launch of the ScreenLifter MOBILE LED 135 on Leyard ® TVF basis, MediaScreen now also offers the ScreenLifter MOBILE LED platform for the new OPTOMA 130" FHDQ130 QUAD LED display.

Designed as an all-in-one solution for quick and easy installation the 130" Full HD 1080p LED display features a unique, two-piece design that dramatically reduces the assembly time typically required for LED walls. Although the OPTOMA 130 "FHDQ130 QUAD LED display has been designed for quick and easy installation, the FHDQ130 QUAD LED display also benefits greatly from its combination with the MediaScreen MOBILE LED ScreenLifter. Thus, the OPTOMA QUAD LED display, which was originally developed primarily for fixed installation, becomes a flexible and mobile presentation system thanks to the MOBILE LED ScreenLifter, equally for in-house use in conference rooms and foyers as well as for external use at trade fairs and events.

A special highlight of the OPTOMA MOBILE LED combination is the unique 180° rotation function in the LED sector. Thus, the 130" LED wall can be rotated within seconds into the vertical portrait position and used for vertically aligned content. Thanks to the 4-in-1 SMD-QUAD-LED layout the FHDQ130 display has a horizontal and vertical 170-degree viewing angle. So the image quality is convincing in landscape as well as in portrait mode.

The ScreenLifter Mobile LED 130 is delivered in a compact, vibration-cushioned flight case, which allows the passage through standard door openings of 85 cm width and 200 cm height. Because of the special design of the flight-case the MOBILE LED can be un- and uploaded from a truck with a standard tail-lift. Further assistance is not required. Unloading from the flight case is done comfortably and electrically at the touch of a button.

Once positioned, four pedestal extensions increase the support surface and thus provide for the necessary static stability to lift the LED wall to a height of 3.2 m (top edge).


MediaScreen was nominated with the MOBILE LED 135 at AV Award 2019 as a finalist in the category "AV Accesory of the Year".

Video-Walls are becoming increasingly high resolution and are replacing traditional displays in more and more areas. Reason enough for us to offer the popular ScreenLifter model series - beyond the unique Mobile LED 180 – now as a versatile MOBILE LED 135" all-in-one complete system. With the ScreenLifter Mobile LED 135 ● 1.5 we offer you in cooperation with the established LED manufacturer Leyard ® a comfortable, safe and through brilliant picture quality convincing Plug-and-Play LED presentation system. The 1.5 mm Leyard ® video wall impresses with its excellent image quality, extremely slim design and the time-saving front-service layout. We look forward to your inquiry! Find out more...

Thanks to the trust you have placed in us, we can now celebrate our 20th birthday.

For this, a heartfelt thank you to our loyal customers, suppliers and partners! Your MediaScreen Team

LASER PROJECTION UNIT MG NEC PX1004UL • NEC DLP-Laser Projector-Protection System with integrated dual-circuit cooling circulation system and high-power NEC DLP-Laser Projector-Unit for maintenance-free continuous operation up to 20.000 hours.

With the new LASER PROJECTION UNIT NEC PX1004UL we brought today’s standards of energy-saving and reliable long-term projector usage on a new level. The LASER PROJECTION UNIT NEC PX1004UL is currently – despite its high-performance light output of 10.000 ANSI Lumen - the most energy-saving and silent DLP-Laser Projector-Protection System of its kind. The low energy consumption was realized through a self-regulating performance adjustment in all units. It reacts extremly fast on temperature fluctuations and adjusts the needed cooling- and heating output in seconds. With this, even extreme temperature ranges from -20 °C to +48 °C (with Winter-Option) will be covered effortlessly in convenient long term usage.

In addition, the in- and outdoor projection system convinces through its extremely low operating noise and a maintenance-friendly system design. The LASER PROJECTION UNIT NEC PX1004UL is qualified for the continuous operation in adverse conditions such as subways, baths, dusty factory buildings, clammy caves, shopping malls as well as for outdoor use of all kinds.

The LASER PROJECTION UNIT NEC PX1004UL impresses with its excellent 4K signal processing and delivers pictures in best cinema quality. The native resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 (WUXGA), flexible inputs as well as the optional 3 years Europe-wide customer service package complete the "all-round carefree package".

IMMERSIVE SPHERE MULTI TOUCH - Now available for rental! This stunning presentation system is ideally suited for the presentation of "global" content such as branch locations of globally operating businesses, shipping routes, geographic-, meteorological- and political data etc. The integrated, high-performance projector provides a high-contrast display even in bright surroundings and the high-precision multi-touch control allows the joint exploration of the content simultaneously by multiple users. You can combine the IMMERSIVE SPHERE MULTI TOUCH also with different backdrops for additional information e.g. curved displays, HoloScreens or LED video walls.